Why maps?
A map is an ideal platform for storytelling because maps help us see and understand how patterns of space are related to patterns of events. They allow us to quickly and efficiently extract information about these relationships across space, time, and scale. Maps are abstract representations of places; they can be a medium for storing and triggering sensory memories of a place and sharing those memories with others. Maps can inspire us to explore new places, and stimulate our visions of those places long before we arrive.

Mapping Patagonia National Park                           Aysén Region, Chile   •   2013

From January through March, we're embarking on a cartographic expedition to create a map-based visual portal for exploring the future Patagonia National Park from anywhere in the world. We're grateful to have received a National Geographic Young Explorers grant and generous support on Kickstarter to make our project possible.

We continue to seek support throughout the project. We have rewards for all of our backers, which you can find on our Kickstarter page. Join the expedition today by becoming one of our backers! We are thankful for every kind of support.

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Photo courtesy of Conservacion Patagonica.

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The Common Ground Country Fair                           Unity, Maine, USA   •   2012

Every September, 60,000 people converge in the small town of Unity, Maine, for the Common Ground Country Fair. The Fair is held by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and draws 600+ exhibitors to showcase their products -- crafts, livestock, food, innovations in energy efficiency, and more. Our interactive map of the Fair allows visitors to explore the Fair, plan their trip, and build excitement long before they arrive. We hope that our map also helps visitors with their mental map of the grounds! Since our mobile version is geolocation-enabled, those visitors with smartphones or tablets can view the map and see their own location as they navigate the fairgrounds.

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Map Team CIEE Map Team                                                                              Monteverde, Costa Rica   •   2012

We spend a couple months of the year in Costa Rica building the conservation mapping component of the CIEE Sustainability and the Environment study abroad program. We work with a small group of students each semester, teaching them data collection, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and cartography. We supervise their month-long mapping projects, each of which is partnered with a local conservation effort. Some examples of project topics include reforestation, forest spring water quality and macroinvertebrate ecology, invasive plant species, and the in-progress Bellbird biological corridor.

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Life Monteverde                                                                           Monteverde, Costa Rica   •   2012

While we were in Costa Rica in the spring of 2012, we partnered with Life Monteverde, a local small-scale coffee farm. Life Monteverde not only produces tasty coffee, but they also have a strong education program. Every year, Life Monteverde hosts volunteers, interns, and many school and tour groups to spread awareness about small-scale sustainable agriculture. The farmer wanted a new communication tool to reach a broader audience beyond those who are able to visit the farm in person. We produced a bilingual interactive map for him that allows users to explore the farm and learn about what's happening there from anywhere in the world.

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Los Pinos                                                                                                 Monteverde, Costa Rica   •   2012

In October 2012, we produced an interactive map of Los Pinos Cabañas y Jardínes, a small eco-resort in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The map highlights the cabins, the trails that wind through the protected forest, and the hydroponic garden.

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